Pervasive Lying Posture Tracking
Design and Evaluation of a Wearable Assistive Technology for Hemianopic Stroke Patients
Understanding the Role of Training Regimes in Continual Learning
TransNet: Minimally-Supervised Deep Transfer Learning for Dynamic Adaptation of Wearable Systems
Transfer Learning for Activity Recognition in Mobile Health
Dropout as an Implicit Gating Mechanism For Continual Learning
Proximity-Based Active Learning for Eating Moment Recognition in WearableSystems
Memory-Aware Active Learning in Mobile Sensing Systems
Malaria epidemics in India: Role of climatic condition and control measures
A Dynamic Programming Framework for DVFS-Based Energy-Efficiency in Multicore Systems
Improved Knowledge Distillation via Teacher Assistant
Toward Ultra-Low-Power Remote Health Monitoring: An Optimal and Adaptive Compressed Sensing Framework for Activity Recognition
Resource-Efficient Wearable Computing for Real-Time Reconfigurable Machine Learning: A Cascading Binary Classification
Resource-Efficient Computing in Wearable Systems
Mindful Active Learning
Mindful Active Learning
Human-in-the-loop Learning for Personalized Diet Monitoring from Unstructured Mobile Data
Human-in-the-Loop Learning for Personalized Diet Monitoring from Unstructured Mobile Data
How Accurate Your Activity Tracker Is? A Comparative Study of Step Counts in Low-Intensity Physical Activities
Gait Speed and Survival of Older Surgical Patient with Cancer: Prediction after Machine Learning
ECoST: Energy-Efficient Co-Locating and Self-Tuning MapReduce Applications
CyclePro: A Robust Framework for Domain-Agnostic Gait Cycle Detection
Big vs little core for energy-efficient Hadoop computing
Advances in multi-sensor fusion for body sensor networks: Algorithms, architectures, and applications
Toward visual field assessment using head-worn sensing devices
Speech2Health: A Mobile Framework for Monitoring Dietary Composition From Spoken Data
Predicting Adherence to Use of Remote Health Monitoring Systems in a Cohort of Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
Personalized Human Activity Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Personalized Human Activity Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Monitoring Lung Mechanics during Mechanical Ventilation using Machine Learning Algorithms
Impact of Cache Voltage Scaling on Energy-Time Pareto Frontier in Multicore Systems
IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Body Area Networks
GNew Technologies in Geriatric Oncology Care
Energy-efficient acceleration of MapReduce applications using FPGAs
Energy-efficient acceleration of MapReduce applications using FPGAs
Electronic Assessment of Physical Decline in Geriatric Cancer Patients
Digital Health for Geriatric Oncology
Design Space Exploration for Hardware Acceleration of Machine Learning Applications in MapReduce
Architectural considerations for FPGA acceleration of machine learning applications in MapReduce
A Dynamic Programming Technique for Energy-Efficient Multicore Systems
Multi-sensor fusion in body sensor networks: State-of-the-art and research challenges
Mobile sensing to improve medication adherence: demo abstract
An optimal approach for low-power migraine prediction models in the state-of-the-art wireless monitoring devices
Wearable sensors for gait pattern examination in glaucoma patients
Transfer learning algorithms for autonomous reconfiguration of wearable systems
SmartSock: A wearable platform for context-aware assessment of ankle edema
S2NI: A mobile platform for nutrition monitoring from spoken data
Many-core System-on-Chip: architectures and applications
An Energy-Efficient Computational Model for Uncertainty Management in Dynamically Changing Networked Wearables
A Reliable and Reconfigurable Signal Processing Framework for Estimation of Metabolic Equivalent of Task in Wearable Sensors
A machine learning approach for medication adherence monitoring using body-worn sensors
Toward robust and platform-agnostic gait analysis
Smart-Cuff: A wearable bio-sensing platform with activity-sensitive information quality assessment for monitoring ankle edema
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Power-Aware Computing in Wearable Sensor Networks: An Optimal Feature Selection
On the Design of a Fault Tolerant Ripple-Carry Adder with Controllable-Polarity Transistors
Investigation of gait characteristics in glaucoma patients with a shoe-integrated sensing system
Improving Compliance in Remote Healthcare Systems Through Smartphone Battery Optimization
Impact of sensor misplacement on estimating metabolic equivalent of task with wearables
Context-Aware Data Processing to Enhance Quality of Measurements in Wireless Health Systems: An Application to MET Calculation of Exergaming Actions
Toward seamless wearable sensing: Automatic on-body sensor localization for physical activity monitoring
SmartHealthSys 2014: ACM ubicomp international workshop on smart health systems and applications
Power-Aware Activity Monitoring Using Distributed Wearable Sensors
Patient-centric on-body sensor localization in smart health systems
Near-Realistic Mobile Exergames With Wireless Wearable Sensors
Designing user-specific plug-n-play into body area networks
Cost-sensitive feature selection for on-body sensor localization
Vertically-stacked silicon nanowire transistors with controllable polarity: A robustness study
Remote patient monitoring: what impact can data analytics have on cost?
Objective assessment of overexcited hand movements using a lightweight sensory device
Multimodal energy expenditure calculation for pervasive health: A data fusion model using wearable sensors
A Pervasive Assessment of Motor Function: A Lightweight Grip Strength Tracking System
WANDA: an end-to-end remote health monitoring and analytics system for heart failure patients
Opportunistic hierarchical classification for power optimization in wearable movement monitoring systems
Generalized precursor pattern discovery for biomedical signals
Dynamic Task Optimization in Remote Diabetes Monitoring Systems
Dynamic self-adaptive remote health monitoring system for diabetics
Wireless Fetal Monitoring Device with Provisions for Multiple Births
Applications of sensing platforms with wearable computers
A mining technique using n-grams and motion transcripts for body sensor network data repository
Sport training using body sensor networks: a statistical approach to measure wrist rotation for golf swing
Report from HotMobile 2009
Distributed Continuous Action Recognition Using a Hidden Markov Model in Body Sensor Networks
An efficient placement and routing technique for fault-tolerant distributed embedded computing
An automatic segmentation technique in body sensor networks based on signal energy
A Method for Extracting Temporal Parameters Based on Hidden Markov Models in Body Sensor Networks With Inertial Sensors
A Distributed Hidden Markov Model for Fine-grained Annotation in Body Sensor Networks
Locomotion Monitoring Using Body Sensor Networks
Action coverage formulation for power optimization in body sensor networks
A phonological expression for physical movement monitoring in body sensor networks
A New Approach for Design and Verification of Transaction Level Models
Modified Pseudo LRU Replacement Algorithm