Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Training in Wearable Computing — REU 2021

Program Overview

The objective of this REU Site program is to provide unique training, research, and education opportunities for undergraduates in the area of technology-driven healthcare systems, particularly for underserved communities. The REU participants will have chances to explore multidisciplinary topics in pervasive computing, machine learning, data mining, circuits, and system design as applied to healthcare, population health, and health sciences. Leveraging the “community of scholars” promoted by the WSU Office of Undergraduate Research, REU students will have ample opportunities for extracurricular, social, and group activities. The participants will experience working with and learning from faculty, postdocs, and students with different, but complementary technical backgrounds and cultures; e.g., computer scientists working with health scientists and vice versa. Both theoretical and practical (hands-on) research will be emphasized.

Research Projects:

Here are a few examples of the projects in which the students could be involved:

  1. Physical Health Monitoring
    • Improving medication adherence in patients with chronic conditions.
    • In-home balance control assessment and tracking for pregnant women
  2. Mental Health Monitoring
    • Continuous and real-time personality assessment
    • Understanding processes of recovery from addiction and preventing relapse in real-time
  3. Transformable Architectural Spaces for Health Promotion
    • Emotion recognition with wearable sensors
    • Designing mixed-modality user interfaces

In addition, students will also have the benefit of participating in weekly technical team meetings, the seminar series, and interdisciplinary, team-work, hands-on research projects.

Student Participants Support

$600 stipend per week
$900 for food and incidentals
$600 for travel

How to Apply


U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate institution and graduate after Sept. 2021. Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Health Science Majors, Mathematics, Statistics or other related majors. 3.3 or higher GPA. Applicants who qualify can fill out the application form by March 15, 2021.