A hybrid method for imputation of missing values using optimized fuzzy c-means with support vector regression and a genetic algorithm


Missing values in datasets should be extracted from the datasets or should be estimated before they are used for classification, association rules or clustering in the preprocessing stage of data mining. In this study, we utilize a fuzzy c-means clustering hybrid approach that combines support vector regression and a genetic algorithm. In this method, the fuzzy clustering parameters, cluster size and weighting factor are optimized and missing values are estimated. The proposed novel hybrid method yields sufficient and sensible imputation performance results. The results are compared with those of fuzzy c-means genetic algorithm imputation, support vector regression genetic algorithm imputation and zero imputation.

Jan 23, 2024 3:00 PM — 4:00 PM
EMIL Spring'24 Seminars
Health Futures Center, ASU
Saman Khamesian
Saman Khamesian
Graduate Research Associate

I commenced my journey as a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Arizona State University in Spring 2024. Currently, my academic endeavors are guided by Dr. Hassan Ghasemzadeh at the Embedded Machine Learning Lab, where we are immersed in a collaborative project with industry.