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ViViT: A Video Vision Transformer
ViViT: A Video Vision Transformer




Introduction on Electrodermal Activity and Human Physiological Response
Transfer Learning via Learning to Transfer
Machine Learning Beyond Curve Fitting (Introduction to Causality)
Distillation in Machine Learning
Introduction to Adversarial Machine Learning
Master Defense Practice III
Machine Learning in 2018: an overview


Defense Practice II.
Semi-Supervised Learning on Data Streams via Temporal Label Propagation
Defense Practice I.
Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review
An introduction to semi-supervised learning.
Introduction to Long Short Term Memory Networks
Defense Practice II
Defense Practice I
Defense Practice
Fluid Intake Monitoring
Cross-Platform Transfer Learning
Stream-PAL (Proximity-based Active Learning)
NN search with KD-trees
L2Knng: Fast Exact K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Construction with L2-Norm Pruning
Liquid Intake Monitoring System
Eating Moment Recognition, A Proximity-Based Active Learning Approach
Personalized recommenders
Toward Visual Field Assessment Using Head-Worn Sensing Devices
Cooking Risk Analysis to Enhance Safety of Elderly People in Smart Kitchen
TransNet: An Adaptable Deep Learner for Human Activity Recognition
Stratified Transfer Learning for Cross-domain Activity Recognition


A Conformal Sensor for Wireless Sweat Level Monitoring
Collegial Activity Learning Between Heterogeneous Sensors
Transfer Learning via Dimensionality Reduction
Scheduled Sampling for Sequence Prediction with Recurrent Neural Networks
Performance Prediction for Graph Queries.
Modeling Skewed Class Distributions by Reshaping the Concept Space.
Robust Computational Framework for Sensor-Based Systems in Healthcare
Transferring multi-device localization models using latent multi-task learning
Medical Survey Question Optimization
Structured Perceptron (Part II)
Reliable and reconfigurable framework for physical activity monitoring
Monitoring and Planning Diet Behavior
Assignment Problem (Part II)
Language and Policy Learning from Human-delivered Feedback.
Transportation Problem
Structured Perceptron (Part I)
SmartStuff: A Case Study of a Smart Water Bottle
Assignment Problem (Part I)
Reinforcement learning for diet planning
Graph Coloring and its applications
Hypothesis Testing
Towards Reliable Sensor-Based Wearable Systems for Healthcare (Part 2)
Towards Reliable Sensor-Based Wearable Systems for Healthcare (Part 1)
Convex Optimization II: Gradient descent (Part 2)
Reinforcement learning: Monte Carlo method
Network-based relational knowledge transfer
SVM, TSVM and SVM Tree
Outlier detection and analysis
Active Learning on Time Series Data
Power and Memory Efficient Cascading Binary Classifier for Activity Recognition
Convex Optimization II: Gradient descent (Part 1)
NetSimile: A Scalable Approach to Size-Independent Network Similarity
Approximating weighted vertex cover using linear programming
Randomized 3-approximation MAX-CNF
Active Learning Enabled Activity Recognition
Semi-supervised learning using gaussian fields and harmonic functions


Minimum Makespan Scheduling
Transfer Learning in Decision Trees
Mixture of Experts
Personalized and Context-Based Sensing for Dehydration Monitoring
Data Collection and Language Understanding of Food Descriptions
Convex Sets
Designing and Evaluating Active Learning Methods for Activity Recognition
Using Smart Homes to Detect and Analyze Health Events
Adaptive Model Fusion for Wearable Sensors Based Human Activity Recognition
Random Forrest Algorithm
Recognizing New Activities with Limited Training Data
Cross-people mobile-phone based activity recognition
Introduction to Transfer Learning
Knapsack Problem
Discreted Wavelet Transform
Conditional Random Fields
Bin Packing Problem: Asymptotic PTAS (AA Ch 9)
Zero-Effort Camera-Assisted Calibration Techniques for Wearable Motion Sensors.
Using Weka Java API
Dietcam: Multi-view food recognition using a multi-kernel svm.
Shortest Super-string Problem 2
Shortest Super-string Problem
A wearable wireless sensor platform for interactive dance performances
K-center Problem
Minimun K-cut Problem
Modeling Physical Activity Behavior Change
Multi-way Cut Problem (Approximation Algorithms)
Efficient graph-based semi-supervised learning of structured tagging models.
TSP Part I (Approximation Algorithms)


Shortest Superstring(Approximation Algorithm)
Set Cover Layering Approach
Investigating the Accuracy of Fitbit Activity Trackers
Hidden Markov Model Part II
Gait Analysis Review
Hidden Markov Model Part I
Identifying Physical Activity Profiles in COPD Patients Using Topic Models.
Set cover Problem
Transfer learning by borrowing examples for multiclass object detection
Introduction of Deep Learning
Predicting daily activities from egocentric images using deep learning.
Ordering points to identify the clustering structure (OPTICS)
Stochastic methods (Simulated Annealing)
Machine Learning Inspired Power Management in Multicore Chips
Health Behavior Models in the Age of Mobile Interventions
Data Collection Tool for Android Wearable and Handheld Devices
derivative free optimization: direction search
Kullback Leibler divergence
Data sensing and analysis: Challenges for wearables,
Approximation Problems (Vertex cover and TSP)
Randomized Algorithms: The hiring problem
The Floyd-Warshall algorithm
Boosting for Regression Transfer
Baum-Welch algorithm
Linear Programming: Introduction, Formulation and Solving
Transfer Learning Algorithms in Wearable Monitoring Platforms
Medication Adherence Assessment Using Wearable Sensors
Edema Monitoring Using Wearable Sensors
Computational Reliability of Mobile Wearable Sensor Networks
Robust Gait Analysis Algorithms with Wearable Sensors
Google Glasses for Visual Field Expansion
Assessing Accuracy Performance of Fitbit Activity Trackers
Confidence-based Multiclass AdaBoost for Physical Activity Monitoring
Viterbi Algorithm
Gamification of Learning and Instruction
Assessing physical activity during pregnancy and postpartum
Set Cover Problem
Gait and Falls
Introduction to Algorithm Complexity
dynamic programming Problem, Knapsack
Network Flow Problem
Chroma: A Wearable Augmented-Reality Solution for Color Blindness
String Matching
Greedy Algorithms
Using Google Glasses Technology for Visual Field Expansion.
MET Calculation using Wearable Sensors.
Hungarian Algorithms
Semi-Learning of Activity Labels in Real-Time using Wearable Motion Sensors.
Patient-Centric On-Body Sensor Localization in Smart Health Systems
Shortest Path Problem